We understand that there are many questions about your culinary stroll throughout Victoria. This section will tell you more about what to expect before and during your tour.

What types of food and beverage will I enjoy?

You will have the opportunity to enjoy various foods and beverages that Victorians enjoy. Items may range from seafood to food from the sky. Alcohol may be served during the tour.

How much food is served?

Our tours include 6-8 tastings, with bite sized opportunities at each stop. This will not fill you up for the day, but it will engage your tastebuds.

Are there beverages on the tour?

Yes!  You may sample an alcoholic beverage, a special tea or coffee.

Should I eat anything before our culinary adventure?

We recommend that you eat a light meal before joining us for a tour. The amount of food sampled is significant enough that many people will opt for a later dinner, depending on your tour departure time.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Let us know if you have a dietary restriction when you make your reservation, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We can substitute non-alcoholic beverages, and accommodate most other dietary restrictions, if given enough time to notify our partners. Please include any dietary restrictions in the comments section during your booking process.  If this information is not noted during the reservation process, we will not be able to guarantee an alternative option for you.

Anything more than walking and eating?

Absolutely! While walking around and sampling some delightful eats, you will learn about the local history of the city and some interesting facts about the various locales.

Are there age restrictions?

Ages 19 and up only.

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely no pets. We have tried and they do not follow instructions well.

How physically fit do I need to be to enjoy this incredible tour?

The tours require a certain level of physical stamina. You will be on your feet for approximately 2 hours, tastings are on the go and seating opportunities may be limited and sporadic. Be assured that by no means is this tour a grueling experience, but you will need to be able to walk without assistance to really enjoy the experience with an open palate and mind.

Does the tour start and stop at the same physical location?

No, the tour will start in one location and end in a location that is close to the beginning location of tour.  The meeting location will be noted on your confirmation email.

What happens in adverse weather conditions?

Well, we do the rain dance, and if that doesn’t work, we just hope for the weather to change in 5 minutes.  Please wear weather appropriate clothing and possibly pack an umbrella.

What if I need to use the restroom?

Restrooms are available at most locations, however, we would suggest you use the restroom prior to the start of the tour.

Is this tour offered in other languages?

We only offer this tour in English for the time being.

What if I have a group or want a private tour?

If you want a private tour or want to bring a group of culinary adventurers with you, please contact us at food@victoriafoodtours.com and we will see what we can do to make it happen.

Do I have to purchase my spot on the tour in advance?

Yes, you do. Our tours sell out quickly thus the earlier you book, the more likely it is you will get to join the tour on your preferred date. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate guests that wish to join a tour on the same day.

What if I want a refund or want to reschedule?

We will happily refund you for a purchased spot, if you cancel outside of 48 hours prior to the tour departure time. You will not be refunded in any way, shape or form for partial attendance, not showing up for your tour, for those in your booking that decide not to go or late arrivals. It is your responsibility to show up at the right location, and on time. Make sure to email us at food@victoriafoodtours.com with any questions and also review your booking to avoid any confusion.

How much is the tour?

The tour will cost you $65 + tax.

Your reservations must be made online through our website.

What should I wear?

Weather appropriate clothing and sensible walking shoes.

Still have questions?

Contact us: food@victoriafoodtours.com